Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Shannon Shoe Stopper : A Whimsical Installation Satirizing the World of Autocorrect


Submit your Autocorrect Foibles, Fexting Disasters, Email Autocorrections, Speech to Text Mistakes or any kind of Typo Silliness.  Let me know if you want your name included or prefer anonymity.  Your words will be printed out and laser etched onto plexiglass or other material and displayed within this installation.

Come on it will be fun!  

Send one for the SHOE!

The Shannon Shoe Stopper :  A Whimsical Installation Satirizing the World of Autocorrect

This Installation Show is a new direction for visual artist Shannon Burke.  The Shoe Stopper Show evolved and came about via an auto-correct mishap of the artist asking a friend, 

"What do you think about my having, THE SHANNON SHOE?" 

It was supposed to say,

"...The Shannon Show".   

Shannon is shifting away from a body of recent fine art work to this conceptual installation show.  This change of direction is a challenge and encourages collaborative involvement from family, community and friends who are encouraged to submit foibles and have fun.

Where: Vine Arts Center @ 2637 27th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406 (in Ivy Arts Building) 

When:  November 12th - 26th  2016

Opening Reception:   Sat., Nov. 12th 6-9  Come to have fun & laugh at this intermission show for the community!  Special Performance by the amazing and powerful Anda Flamenco and featuring the incredible music of Harp Guitarist Daniel Schwartz

Closing Reception: November 26th from 6pm - 10pm Featuring the music of the fantastic Nathan Scott Phillips Band!

Gallery Hours: Saturday, November 19th 11:00am -5pm.  Sunday November, 20th 12-5:00pm November 12th Opening Reception 6-9, Closing reception Saturday, 26th 6:00pm -10:00pm.  Hours also available by appointment via email.